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Dental scheduling: Monday - Thursday: 8 am -5 pm
Friday: 8 Am - 12 Noon.
Dental Clinic

For people who live on the streets or have marginal housing, minimal income, and no health insurance, dental care often becomes a low priority. The result is poor oral hygiene, dental disease, and often, tooth decay and loss.

The "Smile Book" to the left shows the transformation that occurs when some of these homeless patients seek help at our clinic. In effect, the patients "get their smile back". In addition, they gain the confidence needed to apply for social services, interview for jobs, and start to rebuild their lives.


For homeless men and women, we provide Houston's only full service, no cost, dental clinic. It's a three operatory facility located in the SEARCH building and adjacent to its Resource Center. Among the services we provide are:

Exams (comprehensive and emergency)
Preventive services
Periodontal therapy
Oral health education
Cancer screenings
Root canals
Crowns and bridges
Specialist referrals

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