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San Jose Clinic is making healthcare available to those in needdental care:
General carehygieneFillingsRoot canalsCrownsExtractionsDentures

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Dental Clinic Costs - Crowd Sourced

We have listed the dental costs below which we have compiled for San Jose Clinic - Houston TX. We cannot guarantee the dental costs to be completely accurate. Costs are displayed for informational purposes for our users. We have compiled prices provided by users to this website. In order to obtain actual costs please contact the dental offices directly.

Date Added Type of Clinic Description Cost
2023-03-14 $100
2023-01-01 Completely Free Clinic $100
2022-07-19 Completely Free Clinic $0
2022-03-03 Charged Sliding Scale $1000
2022-02-22 Completely Free Clinic $0
2022-02-07 Completely Free Clinic $0
2022-02-02 $500
2021-12-21 Completely Free Clinic $0
2021-09-29 Charged Sliding Scale $0
2021-05-10 Charged Sliding Scale $400
2021-03-10 Completely Free Clinic $400
2021-01-08 Completely Free Clinic $100
2020-08-18 Completely Free Clinic $1000
2020-07-09 Completely Free Clinic $0
2020-06-21 Charged Sliding Scale $1000
2020-04-10 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $100
2020-01-20 Charged Sliding Scale $600
2019-12-21 Charged Sliding Scale $50
2019-09-07 Charged Sliding Scale $200
2019-07-08 Completely Free Clinic $0
2019-03-27 Completely Free Clinic $55
2019-03-15 Completely Free Clinic $1000
2019-03-13 Charged Sliding Scale $200
2019-02-22 Completely Free Clinic $30
2019-02-05 Completely Free Clinic $100
2018-12-18 $500
2018-10-12 Completely Free Clinic $450
2018-10-04 Charged Sliding Scale $60
2018-09-28 $0
2018-09-25 Charged Sliding Scale $100
2018-08-31 Completely Free Clinic $150
2018-08-24 Charged Sliding Scale $150
2018-08-13 Charged Sliding Scale $10
2018-07-23 Charged Sliding Scale $500
2018-07-20 Completely Free Clinic $0
2018-07-09 Charged Sliding Scale $200
2018-06-28 Completely Free Clinic $0
2018-06-22 Completely Free Clinic $0
2018-06-21 Completely Free Clinic $25
2018-06-04 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $500
2018-05-14 Completely Free Clinic $300
2018-04-12 Completely Free Clinic $50
2018-03-12 Completely Free Clinic $200
2017-11-03 Charged Sliding Scale $50
2017-05-03 Not Free Or Sliding Scale filling of gap $300

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User Questions & Answers

  • Posted by User on Tuesday, November 16, 2021

    Response: No

  • Posted by User on Sunday, October 18, 2020

    Response: accept medicare

  • Posted by on Oct 4, 2022

    Thank You, God Bless You.

  • Posted by on May 25, 2020

    I have many broken and rotted and loose teeth. It is extremely uncomfortable for me to eat. I am looking to get all teeth extracted and dentures. I am on a disability income and would like to pay what i can. Please help me to be able to eat again without pain. Thank you

  • Posted by on Jan 31, 2020

    Im 23 and currently suffering from a severe cavity which hurts so much at times the pain shoots up by my ear, also i currently have 3 broken teeth which all stem from cavities please help

  • Posted by on Aug 17, 2019

    I have a brother who gets medicare and Medicaid he is disable and has no dental cover. He is 57 and need some teeth pulled can you help

  • Posted by on Jul 26, 2018

    I knocked out my front tooth cap and am an unemployed, single mom. It is hard to get a job in my field, sales and marketing, without being able to present professionally. If there is any way I could get free dental work, I would be happy to assist in marketing or fundraising for your cause. Please let me know if we can work something out. Thank you, Joy Willard (713)202-1178

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