This is an important question that we often get at The costs vary for general dental offices. Shopping around is also very difficult. Are you going to pay for an office visit at a number of places to find out the cost? The answer to that question is a 'No'.

We have worked with many dentists and they normally price out similar costs for similar locations. Whereas if you visit a dentist in an exclusive location, you can pay as much as $2,500 - $3,000. If you go to a more affordable dentist, prices can be as little as $500 - $750.

At we list out free dental providers along with sliding scale dental providers. These providers only charge as much as you can afford. You will need supporting paperwork to get these special rates. Use our search on the right side of the page to find out more details.

Another option for low cost root canals are Community Healthcare Dental clinics. Call your local health department for dental clinic information or visit: for more information and options.

Published 04/18/2012

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