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This is a SLIDING SCALE clinic. The costs for clinic services are based on either your income or they offer type of financial assistance. Contact the clinic directly to discuss prices for individual services which vary. Sliding Scale does not necessarily mean free.

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Dental Services: 
Dental Exams 
Root Canals 

They offer a sliding fee schedule for persons who are under-insured or have no insurance based on the household income and family size.


Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

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Eastwood Health Center Mission Statement

To be the leader in improving the well-being of the communities we serve through the provision of quality health care and the delivery of innovative programs.

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Dental Costs - Crowd Sourced

We have listed the dental costs below which we have compiled for Eastwood Health Center. We cannot guarantee the dental costs to be completely accurate. Costs are displayed for informational purposes for our users. We have compiled prices provided by users to this website. In order to obtain actual costs please contact the dental offices directly.

Date Added Type of Clinic Description Cost
2020-04-06 Charged Sliding Scale $50
2019-12-12 Completely Free Clinic $0
2019-07-04 Charged Sliding Scale $299
2019-05-10 Completely Free Clinic $50
2019-04-01 $10
2019-02-14 $100
2019-02-10 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $373
2019-02-01 Completely Free Clinic $0
2019-01-23 $300
2019-01-05 $10
2018-12-14 $20
2018-08-17 Completely Free Clinic $100
2018-08-17 Charged Sliding Scale $150
2018-08-17 Charged Sliding Scale $200
2018-08-17 Charged Sliding Scale $200
2018-07-07 Completely Free Clinic $0
2018-06-21 Completely Free Clinic $75
2018-06-12 Completely Free Clinic $0
2018-05-18 Completely Free Clinic $700
2018-05-16 Completely Free Clinic $25
2018-04-24 Charged Sliding Scale $35
2018-04-17 Completely Free Clinic $0
2018-04-13 Charged Sliding Scale $75
2018-04-03 Completely Free Clinic $50
2018-03-27 Completely Free Clinic $30
2018-03-12 Charged Sliding Scale $120
2018-03-04 Completely Free Clinic $0
2018-02-19 Completely Free Clinic $0
2018-01-31 Charged Sliding Scale $150
2018-01-26 $50
2018-01-03 Completely Free Clinic $50
2017-12-16 Completely Free Clinic $0
2017-10-08 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $50
2017-07-20 $200
2017-07-20 Charged Sliding Scale $150
2017-05-15 Completely Free Clinic $200

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