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Free Clinic Of Central Virginia

1016 Main Street
Lynchburg, VA - 24504
(434) 847-5866
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The Free Clinic of Central Virginia\'s (FCCV) Dental Program provides extensive check ups, dental hygiene appointments, restoration appointments (filling of cavities), and extraction appointments as general, regular services for its clients. It has also some very limited endodontic and denture appointments, which are only offered to long-term patients (6-12 months) who have been eligible for Free Clinic services for a period of time. Eligibility for the basic services is based on income level and lack of health insurance for these services.

 To apply for service, call 434-847-5866 to schedule an Eligibility Screening Interview. Prior to the interview, applicants must collect all required documentation (see below) and a list of current medications (or bring in all medication bottles). A $5 eligibility screening fee is due at the time of the screening appointment. No medical or dental services will be provided at the Eligibility Screening Interview. Applicants will receive an approval or denial letter within 7 to 10 days after the Eligibility Screening Interview. Patients are required to update eligibility information annually.

Required Documentation

    Federal Income Tax Return (1040 Forms) for the most recent year or a 4506-T Form

     Last 30 days\' pay stubs for any employed adults of dependents listed on the tax form (including the applicant)

     Unemployment Benefit Award Letter (if receiving unemployment benefits)

    Current Notice of Action Letter for Food Stamps, TANF, and/or General Relief from Social Services (if receiving any of these benefits)

     Current Virginia State Driver\'s License or Virginia State picture identification card 

If the applicant is currently residing in a shelter, transitional or treatment program, a letter from the facility verifying resident status replaces the above documentation. The applicant will be asked to provide income verification at a later date.

Patient Fees

The Free Clinic does not charge patients for medical or dental services provided. We do, however, request that patients pay a nominal administrative fee of between $2 and $7 for some services. Prescriptions are $2 each. Enrollment in our MedsHelp prescription assistance program is $50 per year. 

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