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Offering adult and pediatric services from simple dental exams to more complex restorative care. They take Medicaid dental plans and accept some private insurance.

In addition, they are able to offer a sliding fee discount plan to people who need dental care but who do not have dental insurance.


Monday 8:00- 6:00 pm, Tuesday 9:00- 5:00 pm, Wed- Friday 8:00- 5:00

The dental center includes onsite electronic imaging, lab, and comfortable rooms and equipment. The staff is trained in offering dental care to children, adults, and senior adults. Their goal is to provide affordable treatment plans in a caring and sensitive manner for you and your family.

Some of their dental services include:

Dental Exams

Dental X-rays


Deep Scalings


Crowns and Bridges

Dentures and Partials

Root Canal Therapy


Payment for Services:


Delta Dental and CHIPS



Most major Credit Cards

Sliding fee scales is available for patients who qualify and need assistance

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Eligibility and Income Guidelines To Qualify

To qualify for free dental care at one of these clinics, you will typically need to meet certain income and residency requirements. You may also need to provide proof of your income and residency.

To learn more about the eligibility requirements and services offered by a particular clinic, please contact the clinic directly.

Free dental clinics are an important resource for people who cannot afford to go to a regular dental clinic. They provide access to essential dental care that can help to improve people's overall health and well-being.

If you are in need of dental care and cannot afford to go to a regular dental clinic, please consider visiting one of the free dental clinics in Pasadena, TX. You deserve to have access to the dental care you need, without the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of dental services do free dental clinics offer?
A: Free dental clinics offer a variety of dental services, including preventive care (cleanings, checkups, and X-rays), restorative care (fillings, crowns, and bridges), extractions, and emergency dental care.

Q: How do I qualify for free dental care?
A: The eligibility requirements for free dental care vary from clinic to clinic. Some clinics require patients to meet certain income or residency requirements. Others may require patients to be uninsured or underinsured.

Q: Do I need to have insurance to go to a free dental clinic?
A: No, you do not need to have insurance to go to a free dental clinic. However, some clinics may give priority to patients with Medicaid or other government insurance.

Q: How do I find a free dental clinic in my area?
A: There are a number of ways to find a free dental clinic in your area. You can use an online directory, contact your local health department, ask your dentist or other healthcare provider for a referral, or check with local charities and nonprofits.

Q: What should I bring to my first appointment at a free dental clinic?
A: You should bring your photo ID, proof of income, and proof of residency to your first appointment at a free dental clinic. You should also bring a list of any medications you are taking and any allergies you have.

Q: Are free dental clinics safe?
A: Yes, free dental clinics are safe. Free dental clinics are held to the same standards of care as regular dental clinics.

Pasadena Health Center Mission Statement

To provide access to reliable, quality health care for the community we serve, in a caring atmosphere.

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Dental Clinic Costs - Crowd Sourced

We have listed the dental costs below which we have compiled for Pasadena Health Center. We cannot guarantee the dental costs to be completely accurate. Costs are displayed for informational purposes for our users. We have compiled prices provided by users to this website. In order to obtain actual costs please contact the dental offices directly.

Date Added Type of Clinic Description Cost
2024-03-19 Completely Free Clinic $0
2024-03-19 $0
2024-03-19 Completely Free Clinic $0
2023-03-03 $70
2022-12-22 Completely Free Clinic $0
2022-06-06 Completely Free Clinic $5
2022-04-18 Charged Sliding Scale $350
2021-08-23 Completely Free Clinic $250
2020-06-11 Completely Free Clinic $3
2020-06-11 Completely Free Clinic $3
2020-06-11 $3
2019-11-14 Completely Free Clinic $75
2019-11-14 $75
2018-03-09 Completely Free Clinic $75

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Tips for getting free Dental work:

  • Be prepared to provide documentation of your income and residency. Many free dental clinics require patients to provide documentation of their income and residency in order to qualify for services.
  • Call ahead to schedule an appointment. Most free dental clinics require patients to schedule an appointment in advance.

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