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OHSU School of Dentistry General Information:

This Comprehensive Care Clinic provides quality, patient-centered general dentistry, performed by dental students under the direct supervision of experienced dentists who are faculty members of the School of Dentistry.

As a teaching clinic, some appointments take more time and care is not free care but prices are significantly lower than area private practices, making OHSU Dental Clinics a great option for patients without insurance or those who want to make their insurance dollars go farther.

Payment is due at the time of service.

If not already a patient, the first visit will include an initial oral health screening to assess overall dental health needs at no cost.


  • General dentistryFinancial Assistance, Costs, and Eligibility
  • Free screenings to determine appropriate patient treatment needs

Reduced fee due at time of service is about 30% less than private practiceHelpful Tips

There are no child care facilities. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times and are not allow in the treatment area of the clinic.

Patient Parking is free in their building. Enter the parking garage on the north side of the Collaborative Life Sciences Building.

Admitting intake visits can take 1 to 3 hours and Continued Care Appointments are 2 to 4 hours.

Fees at OHSU Dental Clinics Urgent Care can be up to $250 depending on treatment needed.

Appointments available Monday-Friday excluding holidays and school breaks.

Call 503-494-8867 for information and appointments.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday: 8:00 am-4:45 pm

Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Spanish

Interpreters available for additional languages.

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Dental Clinic Costs - Crowd Sourced

We have listed the dental costs below which we have compiled for OHSU School Of Dentistry. We cannot guarantee the dental costs to be completely accurate. Costs are displayed for informational purposes for our users. We have compiled prices provided by users to this website. In order to obtain actual costs please contact the dental offices directly.

Date Added Type of Clinic Description Cost
2022-06-17 $0
2022-06-16 Charged Sliding Scale $500
2022-05-20 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $20
2022-04-28 Completely Free Clinic $100
2022-03-24 Completely Free Clinic $0
2022-03-24 Completely Free Clinic $0
2022-03-10 Completely Free Clinic $300
2022-01-09 Completely Free Clinic $0
2021-12-03 Completely Free Clinic $0
2021-12-01 Completely Free Clinic $0
2021-10-04 $500
2021-01-11 Completely Free Clinic $0
2020-01-10 Completely Free Clinic $59
2019-11-12 $900
2019-08-06 Completely Free Clinic $200
2019-04-25 Charged Sliding Scale $500
2018-12-15 Completely Free Clinic $250
2018-12-13 Charged Sliding Scale $300
2018-04-12 Completely Free Clinic $0
2018-02-24 Completely Free Clinic $300
2018-02-18 Completely Free Clinic $300
2017-09-25 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $250
2017-09-08 Charged Sliding Scale $1000
2017-08-14 Charged Sliding Scale $1000
2017-07-29 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $47
2017-06-07 Charged Sliding Scale $1000
2017-05-23 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $200

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User Questions & Answers

  • Posted by on Feb 17, 2022

    Could I get implants with little till no money but I could do paid loans I have never been able to smile

  • Posted by on Nov 6, 2020

    I am in need of dentures or full mouth implants. My teeth are breaking due to vitamin and mineral malabsorbtion and bone loss. I have been refused because of not being current patient, even though my husband is, and mine has been put off because of his health issues. We have insurance now, but, being on fixed income, cannot afford co-pays, or to keep coverage much longer, since I cannot use it, which is why we have this particular policy!

  • Posted by on Aug 25, 2020

    Hello! I would like to inquire about pricing for dental implants, extractions, and adjustment/alignment. I have 2 broken teeth(upper premolar, and lower molar) that are broken off at the gum line. Would like these teeth removed and the remaining missing teeth fitted with implants. Then my lower incisors are beginning to shift as a result of the missing teeth. Would like to see about alignment and adjustment if possible. I may also be in need of a night guard, but I know those can be obtained OTC. Thank you for your time, and service! Sincerely, Jared

  • Posted by on Aug 14, 2020

    How much for dental implants. Full set?

  • Posted by on Jul 15, 2020

    I would like to talk to someone about full-mouth dental implants. I am on Soc. Sec. and cannot pay for standard dentistry.

  • Posted by on Mar 8, 2020

    Most of my teeth are gone , I would like a set of free dentures , I am low income , and not eating properally , because of no chewing ability . I can pay a small monthly amount -thank you

  • Posted by on Oct 10, 2019

    I need full mouth extraction and dentures. I am very low income with no insurance in desperate need of help. Do you offer this service? Thank you.

  • Posted by on Oct 5, 2019

    I was recommended the Dental Clinic by Dr. Reznik in Bar Harbor, ME. She said I would be a good example of periodontal disease and need a deep cleaning followed by a fine scaling. I'm also interested in a sinus lift and implant if those are procedures offered. Thank you for your time.

  • Posted by on Sep 3, 2019

    Hello, I have a half broken molar and a couple of wisdom teeth causing a bit of pain and wondering if that is something that you can take care of. What are the associated costs for this? Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ian McKinstry ikmckinstry@gmail.com

  • Posted by on Aug 25, 2019

    I need one crown and a wisdom tooth pulled...possibly must be cut in half (Impacted). Could you tell me the possible price and time frame as far as how soon, and hkow long it will take, ie., how many trips. I live in Klamath Falls

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