Top 6 clinics in or near Fayetteville

We did not find any dental clinics in Fayetteville. Use the search box below to find affordable dentists, or view the closest dental clinics to Fayetteville below the affordable dentist search. We list the distance of each clinic from Fayetteville. Closest Dental Clinics to Fayetteville

1. New River Health - Dental, Lisa Elliott Center

New River Health - Dental, Lisa Elliott Center
7 miles away from Fayetteville
75 Spyrock Loop Rd
Lookout, WV - 25868
38.065788,-80.974495 (304) 574-2076
Nearby Dental Clinic: 7 miles from Fayetteville
Services provided:  Exams  Cleanings  Sealants  Flouride treatments  X Rays  Fillings  Extractions  Dentures  Emergency dental care  Referrals as needed Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm New River Health Association (NRHA) accepts private insurance, pr
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2. New River Health - Dental, Mt. Hope

New River Health - Dental, Mt. Hope
12 miles away from Fayetteville
729 Main Street
Mt. Hope, WV - 25880
37.892304,-81.169203 (304) 877-7904
Nearby Dental Clinic: 12 miles from Fayetteville
New River Health Services provided:   Exams   Cleanings   Sealants   Fluoride treatments   X-Rays   Fillings   Extractions   Dentures   Emergency dental care   Referrals as needed New River Health Association (NRHA) accepts priv
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3. Rainelle Dental Center

Rainelle Dental Center
19 miles away from Fayetteville
176 Medical Center Drive
Rainelle, WV - 25962
37.9684749,-80.7788055 (304) 438-1922
Nearby Dental Clinic: 19 miles from Fayetteville
Rainelle Medical Center, I nc. provides dental services and its satellite locations have a system in place to determine eligibility for patient discounts adjusted on the basis of the patient’s ability to pay, known as their sliding fee discount system. The system provides from up to a
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4. Cabin Creek Health Center

Cabin Creek Health Center
20 miles away from Fayetteville
5722 Cabin Creek Rd
Dawes, WV - 25054
38.142799,-81.452202 (304) 595-5006
Nearby Dental Clinic: 20 miles from Fayetteville
Cabin Creek Health Systems offers a sliding fee discount program.  The sliding fee discounts are available to patients who are unable to pay because they are uninsured and they meet the household income/size guidelines.  The discounts are also available to patients who are insured who meet these
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5. Upper Kanawha Health Association

Upper Kanawha Health Association
21 miles away from Fayetteville
408 Alexander St.
Cedar Grove, WV - 25309
38.218711,-81.431912 (304) 595-1770
Nearby Dental Clinic: 21 miles from Fayetteville
Services Include: Whitening Extractions Fillings Dental Crowns Dental Bridges Root Canal Sealants/Other Preventatives   Locations:     East Huntington     Fort Gay     Harts     Upper Kanawha     Wayne     We
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6. Green Bank Dental

Green Bank Dental
29 miles away from Fayetteville
6404 Potomac Highland Trail
Green Bank, WV - 24944
38.4507758,-80.9650023 (304) 456-5433
Nearby Dental Clinic: 29 miles from Fayetteville
As a Federally Qualified Health Center, they are able to offer a dental sliding fee scale for eligible families and also accept Medicare/Medicaid as well as any private insurance. Dental Services Including but not limited to:     Cleanings     Routine check-ups     X-rays - Bitew
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