Top 5 clinics in or near Bangor

1. Intercare Community Health Network

308 Charles Street
Bangor, MI - 49013
42.3125355,-86.1130794 (855) 869-6900
Services Include:     Emergency services     Exams     Xrays     Cleanings     Fillings     Extractions     Sealants They will assist you in finding insurance coverage through the state.
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2. Intercare Community Health Network

Intercare Community Health Network
50 Industrial Park Rd.
Bangor, MI - 49013
42.3082949,-86.1161723 (855) 869-6900
InterCare provides general dental care for children and adults. Services include: Cleanings Oral exams Sealants Fillings Extractions Dentures Here are some of their other services:     Exams     Digital X-Rays     Restorative Treatment &
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3. InterCare Community Health Network Pullman

InterCare Community Health Network Pullman
12 miles away from Bangor
5498 109th Ave.
Pullman, MI - 49450
42.4832493,-86.0805559 (269) 236-5027
Nearby Dental Clinic: 12 miles from Bangor
Pullman Dental Services     Exams     Cleanings     Fillings     Extractions     Sealants Dental Services Hours of Operation Mondays through Thursdays 8am to 5pm. Fridays 8am to 4:30pm. Insurance & Sliding Fees Billings and Payments At InterCare, we understand that the costs of car
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4. Allegan Dental Center - MCDC

20 miles away from Bangor
1535 Lincoln Raod
Allegan, MI - 49010
42.5309071,-85.8710798 (877) 313-6232
Nearby Dental Clinic: 20 miles from Bangor
Allegan Dental Center provides preventive and restorative dental services to low-income/Medicaid eligible youth and adults, including routine cleaning, fillings, extractions, root canals, dentures, partials, bridges, crowns and other dental work. Sliding fee schedule available for those without
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5. Cassopolis Family Clinic

Cassopolis Family Clinic
28 miles away from Bangor
261 M-62 North
Cassopolis, MI - 49031
41.9117133,-86.0100068 (269) 228-8500
Nearby Dental Clinic: 28 miles from Bangor
Cassopolis Family Clinic Network offers dental services for you and your family. Preventative Services:     Cleanings     X-Rays     Fluoride     Exams     Study Models, etc. Restorative Services:     Fillings     Extractions     Root Canals
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