Free Dental Clinics In Or Near Clarendon, AR

1. Mid-Delta Health Systems, Inc.

Mid-Delta Health Systems, Inc.
245 Madison St
Clarendon, AR - 72029
34.692836,-91.312675 (870) 747-3381
Operate on a sliding fee scale and provide medical and dental services. It is customary to pay for professional services at the time services are rendered. Because they are a Community Health Center, patients may apply for adjustments for their charges by bringing in their proof of income at the ti
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2. Des Arc Dental Clinic

Des Arc Dental Clinic
34 miles away from Clarendon
405 Highway 11 N.
Des Arc, AR - 72040-3140
34.9492499,-91.5636471 (870) 256-3009
Nearby Dental Clinic: 34 miles from Clarendon
Des Arc Dental clinic. You can receive comprehensive oral health and dental care from their dentists at their clinic. ARcare is a private non-profit corporation developed to provide affordable care to meet the primary medical and dental care needs of the residents in rural Arkansas, especially in
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