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Free Clinic Of The New River Valley

Christiansburg Clinic Location:215 Roanoke Street
Christiansburg, VA - 24073
(540) 381-0820
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The Family Dental Clinic of the New River Valley provides critical care to patients who meet

the Free Clinic eligibility requirements. Services are provided by our part-time staff dentist, and by twenty New River Valley dentists and their support staff.  The dental office is located in the Free Clinic of the New River Valley at 215 Roanoke Street.

Dental care includes:

Oral examinations, extractions, fillings, oral surgery, gum treatments

For children, adults under 21 years-old and pregnant women enrolled in Medicaid (Medallion/VA Premier) OR FAMIS AND Adults over 21 with Medicaid who need an extraction (tooth is not restorable) AND the infection in the tooth is jeopardizing the health of the individual (diabetes, weight loss, transplant recipient, etc.)

    If you have a child who is uninsured

    If your child is not eligible for state insurance

    Adult dental care access

    Local Health Department Dentists

    Health Care Financing Options


    Roanoke area options


Patients are seen by appointment only. To apply for services call 540-381-0820 ext. 123 or print the Dental Patient Application here.  Due to the high demand for dental services, a $25.00 fee must be paid before an appointment can be made.

The Free Clinic is accredited by the Virginia Association of Free Clinics and is committed to providing high quality health care and dental services to people who lack insurance and cannot afford healthcare.

Ask for Michelle Brauns

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