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The Dental Clinic at the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health offers all the high quality services you would expect from a private-practice clinic, plus many advanced and specialized services you won't find at other clinics:    

  • Prevention    
  • General Treatments    
  • Special Care Dentistry    
  • Pediatric Dentistry    
  • Orthodontics    
  • Cosmetric Dentistry    
  • Special/Unique Services    
  • Imaging Capability    
  • Implants

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Dental Costs - Crowd Sourced

We have listed the dental costs below which we have compiled for Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health Dental Clinic. We cannot guarantee the dental costs to be completely accurate. Costs are displayed for informational purposes for our users. We have compiled prices provided by users to this website. In order to obtain actual costs please contact the dental offices directly.

Date Added Type of Clinic Description Cost
2021-07-07 Completely Free Clinic $0
2021-05-10 Completely Free Clinic $0
2021-02-03 Charged Sliding Scale $300
2021-01-02 Completely Free Clinic $50
2020-07-06 $100
2020-07-03 Completely Free Clinic $0
2020-06-03 $1000
2020-05-15 Charged Sliding Scale $300
2020-05-06 $500
2020-02-18 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $69
2020-02-18 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $54
2019-11-30 Charged Sliding Scale $500
2019-10-27 Charged Sliding Scale $69
2019-09-20 Completely Free Clinic $1
2019-07-27 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $200
2019-06-04 Charged Sliding Scale $300
2019-04-24 Charged Sliding Scale $900
2019-04-19 Completely Free Clinic $150
2019-04-01 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $800
2019-03-21 Charged Sliding Scale $500
2019-03-20 Charged Sliding Scale $100
2019-01-30 $200
2018-11-27 $1
2018-10-15 Charged Sliding Scale $100
2018-05-27 Completely Free Clinic $1
2018-05-06 $200
2018-05-04 $50
2018-03-23 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $390
2018-03-19 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $50
2018-03-02 Charged Sliding Scale $100
2018-01-13 $500
2017-12-25 Completely Free Clinic $2
2017-12-24 Completely Free Clinic $100
2017-10-27 $200
2017-10-27 $200
2017-10-21 Not Free Or Sliding Scale $120
2017-06-11 Charged Sliding Scale $50

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User Questions & Answers

  • Posted by on Jun 21, 2021

    Hi, I have several missing teeth and broken teeth I am in dire need of help, I do not have dental insurance. I am wondering if your clinic does implant procedures and/or arches or only dentures? Thank you

  • Posted by on Dec 27, 2020

    I need to get extractions and dentures done extremely bad. I am currently unemployed and only able to make payments. Is there any way that I could receive services there and make payments?

  • Posted by on Sep 7, 2020

    I need teeth extractions and dentures and I’m on a fixed income with no dental insurance. My teeth are broken and loose.

  • Posted by on Aug 27, 2020

    My husband needs 2 extractions and full dentures. We are on a fixed income. What would be approximate cost?

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