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Licensed dental hygienists desire to help you keep your smile healthy and strong. Each location provides:
Routine Dental Exams
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Sometimes despite best efforts, teeth develop serious issues. Quality of Life dentists regularly perform:
Fillings and Crowns
Treatment for Abscessed Teeth and Tooth Decay
Treatment for Gum Disease

1.  I don’t have dental insurance.  How much is my dental treatment?
We accept some dental insurance, Medicaid for those under age 21 (Medicaid does not cover dental for people > than age 21), and All Kids insurance.  For those who do not have dental insurance, our prices are based on your income.  That is why we need proof of income so that you, the patient, can get the best price for our dental services.  If you cannot provide us with proof of your income then we have to charge you our regular prices.
2.  What do I need to bring on my first appointment?
Picture ID, proof of income or dental insurance card
3.  What can I expect from my first dental appointment?
If you are a new patient, we will need to make you a chart.  You will need to fill out paperwork that includes your contact information and medical history.  Let the dentist know any major illnesses, injuries, surgeries in the past, current medications, and drug allergies.  The dental assistant will take a panoramic X-ray of all of your teeth.  The dentist will diagnose what you need from your X-ray and dental exam.  We do not provide any treatment on the first visit because we do not know what your needs are until the initial exam.  We already have a booked schedule of patients coming in for extractions, fillings, cleanings, etc.  We will schedule you an appointment to come back in for treatment once we know what you need. Estimated wait time for new patients is approximately one hour for paperwork.
4.  Can I get my teeth cleaned on the first appointment?
Generally no, but it is up to the dentist and hygienist’s availability.  On your first visit you need to see the dentist.  If you have a lot of cavities or teeth that are infected, you do not need to get your teeth cleaned because it can hurt.  Once you have seen the dentist and a cleaning can be done, then we will see if we can work you into the hygienist’s schedule.
5.  My tooth hurts badly.  Can I get it pulled when I come in for my exam?
NO!  When a tooth starts to hurt, keeps you up at night, and is swollen, it is generally infected.  The infection interferes with the anesthetic that the dentist uses to numb the tooth.  So, if your tooth is infected you will not get numb for the extraction.  You do not want the dentist to pull a tooth that cannot get numb.  Our dentist will place you on an antibiotic for ten days to take care of the infection and a limited amount of pain medication will be prescribed by the dentist.  Once the infection is gone, the pain will go away.  The antibiotic will stay in your system 4-5 weeks so you will not need another antibiotic.  You will need to make the pain medication last as long as possible because we will not give you anymore until your extraction appointment.  You can supplement the pain medication with over the counter remedies, such as Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or naproxen sodium (Aleve).  These are good medications that help with inflammation.  Make sure that you take these on a regular basis so that it stays in your system.  If you cannot take these medications, then take Tylenol.  Please do not take aspirin or Goody's powder because these medications thin your blood and it will be hard to stop bleeding the day of your extraction. You will start to feel better temporarily but DO NOT MISS YOUR APPOINTMENT FOR THE EXTRACTION!!  If you miss your appointment and do not get the tooth out, the pain will return and you will have to wait another 4-6 weeks for an appointment.
6. Can I be put on a payment plan?
We charge a fee for the services performed the day of your appointment.  Since we already have reduced prices according to your income, we do not have payment plans.
7.  My return appointment is 4-6 weeks away.  Can I come in any sooner?
We serve many patients.  A four to six week wait is normal.  However, you can call in and see if we have any cancellations.  You must arrive within 15 minutes of your appointment time.  If you are more than 15 minutes late then we may have to reschedule your appointment.  If you need to call and cancel your appointment, you must call the front desk 24 hours in advance.  If you do not show up for your appointment without calling to cancel it, then you will have to wait another 4-6 weeks for a return appointment.

1.  Can I have more than one tooth pulled?
Yes, if they are on the same side.  We will only pull teeth either on the right side or the left side.  This way you will have one good side to chew on while the extraction site on the other side heals.
2.  How many teeth will the dentist pull per visit?
Generally the dentist will pull four to five teeth if you can pay for them that day.  If it is your last visit, you will be expected to pre-pay for the extractions the day of your appointment.
3.  Will I get pain medication after the extraction?
Yes, the dentist will prescribe Lortab(hydrocodone) that should last you 4 days if it is taken every 6 hours.  Supplement with Ibuprofen when you are not in pain.  Once you run out the dentist will not prescribe anymore Lortab.  Tramadol (Ultram) or Ibuprofen will be prescribed if you call needing pain medications.
4.  I’ve had a tooth pulled and I feel like there is still a tooth in my socket.
Once a tooth is extracted, the bone that surrounds the tooth is still present.  You will feel the bone inside the socket until the gum tissue heals over the open socket.
5.  What is a dry socket and how can I prevent it?
When a tooth is extracted a blood clot forms inside of the socket.  This clot allows the socket to heal properly.  A dry socket forms when the blood clot comes out of the socket.  Spitting, drinking through a straw or smoking causes the blood clot to dislodge from the socket and come out.
6.  My tooth is broken off at the gum.  Will the dentist have to surgically remove the tooth?
Possibly, but most of the time we are able to get the tooth out without using a drill.
7.  Do you extract wisdom teeth?
If the tooth is fully erupted, we are able to extract.  If the wisdom tooth is covered by bone on any gum tissue, then we will have to refer you to an oral surgeon.  In some instances, we may have to refer you to an oral surgeon because of the shape of the roots.

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