Top 5 clinics in or near Cheektowaga

We did not find any dental clinics in Cheektowaga. Use the search box below to find affordable dentists, or view the closest dental clinics to Cheektowaga below the affordable dentist search. We list the distance of each clinic from Cheektowaga. Closest Dental Clinics to Cheektowaga

1. CHCB Community Health Center of Buffalo

CHCB Community Health Center of Buffalo
3 miles away from Cheektowaga
34 Benwood Ave
Buffalo, NY - 14214
42.9397553,-78.8099472 (716) 986-9199
Nearby Dental Clinic: 3 miles from Cheektowaga
If you do not have health insurance (or if your insurance uses a high deductible and/or co-payment), the CHCB offers a reduced fee program. The reduced fee becomes effective as soon as your application is approved, and stays in effect for one year. The reduced fee pertains only to the CHCB c
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2. Dental Clinic on ECMC’s Health Campus

4 miles away from Cheektowaga
462 Grider Street
Buffalo, NY - 14215
42.9254225, -78.831332 716-898-3000
Nearby Dental Clinic: 4 miles from Cheektowaga
All patients get equal care regardless of their ability to pay or source of payment. We address the health care needs  of each patient that we can appropriately serve, without bias or pre-judgmentServices    Dental exams    X-rays    Dental cleanings
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3. Lighthouse Free Clinic Buffalo

Lighthouse Free Clinic Buffalo
5 miles away from Cheektowaga
461 Williams Street
Buffalo, NY - 14204
42.8842915,-78.8548623 (716) 222-0805
Nearby Dental Clinic: 5 miles from Cheektowaga
The Lighthouse Free Medical Clinic is a student-run, free medical clinic whose mission is to provide care to the under- and uninsured in Buffalo, NY. This mission is made possible by our volunteer team, which consists of medical students from the University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine, prof
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4. Good Neighbors Healthcare

Good Neighbors Healthcare
5 miles away from Cheektowaga
175 Jefferson Ave
Buffalo, NY - 14210
42.8802920,-78.8535224 (716) 856-2400
Nearby Dental Clinic: 5 miles from Cheektowaga
Responding to the teachings of Christ, Good Neighbors Health Care exists to provide high quality, compassionate, affordable, and holistic health care services in a medically under-served area of Buffalo.A number of dedicated dentists, assistants, and hygienists provide comprehensive care including X

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5. Northwest Buffalo Community Health Care Center, Inc

Northwest Buffalo Community Health Care Center, Inc
7 miles away from Cheektowaga
155 Lawn Ave
Buffalo, NY - 14207
42.950276, -78.887819 (716) 875-2904X
Nearby Dental Clinic: 7 miles from Cheektowaga
CHCANYS’ purpose is to ensure that all New Yorkers, including those who are medically underserved, have continuous access to high quality community-based health care services including a primary care home. To do this, CHCANYS serves as the voice of community health centers as leading providers of
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