Free Dental Clinics In Or Near Skokie, IL

1. Skokie Dental Clinic (Cook County Department of Public Health)

Skokie Dental Clinic (Cook County Department of Public Health)
5600 Old Orchard Rd., Suite 156
Skokie, IL - 60077
42.0628727,-87.7648648 847.470.7398
Skokie Dental Clinic General dental care for patients of all ages, with a focus on family dentistry and preventive care. Patients must reside in suburban Cook County and meet income guidelines. By appointment only.

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2. Erie Evanston-Skokie Health Center

Erie Evanston-Skokie Health Center
2 miles away from Skokie
1285 Hartrey Ave
Evanston, IL - 60202
42.040621,-87.703833 (312) 666-3494
Nearby Dental Clinic: 2 miles from Skokie
Erie's Dental Services include:     Cleanings     Exams     Fluoride varnishes     Oral Cancer screenings     Oral Health education     Sealants     X-rays     Crowns   
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3. Children's Dental Clinic

3 miles away from Skokie
2100 Ridge Ave.
Evanston, IL - 60201
42.0558160,-87.6874010 847.866.2953
Nearby Dental Clinic: 3 miles from Skokie
Children's Dental Clinic comprehensive dental care for children ages 3-18. Patients must reside in Evanston. Public Aid accepted; fees charged on a sliding scale. Can provide referrals for handicapped patients.

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4. Erie Foster Avenue Health Center

Erie Foster Avenue Health Center
5 miles away from Skokie
5215 N. California
Chicago, IL - 60625
41.9762802, -87.698563 (312) 666-3494
Nearby Dental Clinic: 5 miles from Skokie
Services Offered: Emergency Services An emergency appointment is available to patients with pain on the same day (if we are contacted in the AM) or the next day (if we are contacted in the PM). Endodontic Services Referrals for more complicated cases Root canals Pulpotomies Oral Surgery Ext
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5. HHC-Wilson

6 miles away from Skokie
845 W. Wilson Ave
Chicago, IL - 60640
41.9700000,-87.6600000 (773) 506-4283
Nearby Dental Clinic: 6 miles from Skokie
Preventive and restorative dental services include:     Cleanings     Fluoride varnishes     Sealants     Fillings     Extractions     Cancer screenings     Periodontal therapy for gum disease &n
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6. Belmont Cragin Health Center

Belmont Cragin Health Center
7 miles away from Skokie
5635 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL - 60634
41.938567,-87.767925 (773) 269-5540
Nearby Dental Clinic: 7 miles from Skokie
PrimeCareHealth offers basic preventive, restorative and emergency dental services to patients of all ages, including: Exams Cleanings Fluoride application Fillings Sealants Extractions No one will be denied services regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. For patients who are uninsure
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