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Clark County Skills Center

12200 Ne 28th Street
Vancouver, WA - 98682
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The Clark County Skills Center's dental clinic is open to the public beginning in November, and appointments are scheduled through June. Clinic days vary, depending on staffing schedules.
High-quality care is provided to our patients by licensed community dentist volunteers who are supported by licensed community dental hygienist volunteers and the Skills Center's Dental Assisting staff and students.

Patient eligibility:
* patients from ages three and up (under 18 requires signed release form by parent/guardian)
* Individuals who have no dental insurance
* those who have certain medical coupons (state aid)

Services provided in our clinic include:
* regular and emergency dental exams
* x-rays
* silver and tooth-colored fillings
* tooth removal
* cleaning of children's teeth
* sealants
Specialty services for crowns, bridges, and full root canal treatment are available on a limited basis in the advanced session at a reduced cost.

Optional reduced-cost service:
Professional Teeth Whitening is offered for a nominal charge. This charge includes services and supplies as follows:
* dental screening
* impressions
* customized trays*
* four syringes of premier whitening product*
*available within days after your appointment

Costs for services typically run approximately 25%-50% of the normal community fee. Payment may be made the same day of service by cash, check (with proper ID) and through medical coupons (state aid).
Call our reception reception desk at (360)604-1057 to schedule your appointment today!

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