Top 4 clinics in or near Burlington

1. Community HC of Burlington, Inc.

Community HC of Burlington, Inc.
1 S Prospect St
Burlington, VT - 05401
44.4800777, -73.200921 (802)652-1050
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DENTAL SERVICES AND TRAINING: SERVICES PRIMARILY TO LOW-INCOME AND DISADVANTAGED CLIENTS BY MEDICAL PROFESSION TRAINEES. Basic Services: * Cleanings * Sealants * Check-ups and X-rays * Fillings * Extractions * Oral Cancer Screening * Healthy Gum Care Advanc
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2. Community Health Center Of Burlington

Community Health Center Of Burlington
617 Riverside Ave. Ste 20
Burlington, VT - 05401
44.4897525,-73.2060491 (802) 652-1050
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Monday & Wednesday...........7:15am - 8:00pm Tues., Thurs., & Fri...........7:15am - 3:45pm This clinic has five staff dentists, three dental residents, and a large support staff, who care for all ages and enjoy providing your child’s first “happy visit’ to the dentis
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3. The Safe Harbor Clinic

The Safe Harbor Clinic
184 S. Winooski Ave.
Burlington, VT - 05401
44.4749976,-73.2107067 802-860-4310
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Monday thru Friday.................7:15am - 3:45pm *Closed Thursdays for clinical staff meetings 11:30 am - 1 pm At this clinic, they offer dental services at no-cost; appointments and walk-in appointments for adults and families experiencing homelessness.
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4. H.O. Wheeler School Dental Clinic

H.O. Wheeler School Dental Clinic
6 Archibald St.
Burlington, VT - 05401-4220
44.4879720,-73.2138570 (802) 658-4869
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Permanent Clinic.
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