Top 3 clinics in or near Springfield

1. Advocates for a Healthy Community

Advocates for a Healthy Community
618 N Benton Ave
Springfield, MO - 65806
37.2143919,-93.2872110 (417) 831-0150
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2. Mobile Dental Unit

Mobile Dental Unit
618 N. Benton Ave.
Springfield, MO - 65806-1102
37.2143919,-93.2872110 417-831-0150
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Mobile Van Clinic.
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3. Fordland Family Medical and Dental Clinic

Fordland Family Medical and Dental Clinic
20 miles away from Springfield
1059 Barton Dr
Fordland, MO - 65652
37.1604511,-92.9334386 417‐767‐227
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 20 miles from Springfield
Did you know that more than 96% of all cavities are preventable with good dental care?  Fordland Clinic offers dental services to all ages, starting with the very important 12 months old check-up.Most insurance plans are accepted. Services are provided free to children with Medicaid and at a di
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