Top 7 clinics in or near Elgin

1. Glfcc Elgin Community College

Glfcc Elgin Community College
1770 Spartan Dr.
Elgin, IL - 60123
42.0159267,-88.3219291 847-622-3034
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Services provided at this facility are Preventive and Restorative Adult Oral Health Care. The fees at this facility are based on the procedures rendered at the time of service, and all fees are determined by the procedure(s) rendered by the provider, with the standard fee reflecting the current m
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3. Carpentersville Community Health Center

Carpentersville Community Health Center
5 miles away from Elgin
3003 Wakefield Dr.
Carpentersville, IL - 60110
42.1055635,-88.2471743 847-851-8600
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 5 miles from Elgin
This establishment provides access to high quality, cost-effective, affordable primary, behavioral, oral and preventive health care to all people who need it, regardless of ability to pay. Services that this establishment provides includes: Cleaning, Fillings, Sealants, Fluoride Treatments, Extra
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4. Tri City Health Partnership

Tri City Health Partnership
9 miles away from Elgin
318 Walnut Street
St. Charles, IL - 60174
41.9123560,-88.3173200 630-377-9277
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 9 miles from Elgin
The clinic offers the following On-site Services for free:Primary Care for:    Care for Acute illness such as pain, injury, virus and infection    Chronic Illness such as Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension    Dental (for TCHP) clinic patients to include: Diag
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5. Harper College Dental Clinic

Harper College Dental Clinic
11 miles away from Elgin
1200 W. Alqonquin Rd.
Palatine, IL - 60067
42.0807342,-88.0729938 847.925.6000
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 11 miles from Elgin
Preventative care for those ages 5 and up. Children are seen on a limited basis. Set fees for services. Does not accept Public Aid or Kid Care.

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6. DuPage Community Clinic Dental Services

DuPage Community Clinic Dental Services
14 miles away from Elgin
511 Thornhill Dr. Suite E
Carol Stream, IL - 60188
41.8911506, -88.102960 (630) 510-8720
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 14 miles from Elgin
Dental care for adults and children (5+) not covered by Public Aid, Medicaid or insurance. Patients must reside in DuPage County and meet income guidelines.Access DuPage is a collaborative effort whose mission is to provide access to medical services to those people in DuPage County, IL who lack
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7. Northwest Community Hospital, Mobile Dental Clinic

Northwest Community Hospital, Mobile Dental Clinic
15 miles away from Elgin
800 W. Central Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL - 60005
42.0691510,-87.9955770 847.618.5572
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 15 miles from Elgin
Accepts Public Aid and Kid Care; fees charged according to a sliding scale. All patients must be screened before receiving treatment. Patients must live in Elk Grove, Palatine or Wheeling Townships.

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