Top 7 clinics in or near Savannah

1. Savannah Volunteer Dental Clinic

Savannah Volunteer Dental Clinic
5717 Whitle Bluff Rd.
Savannah, GA - 31405
32.0239184,-81.1156923 (912) 429-8368
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* The Savannah Volunteer Dental Clinic serves children ages 3 to 18 years old who do not have Federal, State, or Private Insurance. Dental care clinic at: Savannah Technical College, Goodman Hall Room 2106. The clinic is on Fridays at 9am - 12 noon. Call for an appointment. The Georgia Volunteer He

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2. Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care Discounted Dental Care

Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care Discounted Dental Care
106 East Broad Street
Savannah, GA - 31401
32.0762832,-81.0847026 (912) 454-8070
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Eligibility:Everyone is welcome to visit our center.However, uninsured patients are required to provide verification of income to receive  discounted fees or participate in the discount program for services rendered.(Check stub, tax return, etc.)Patient Registration Requirements:Verification of
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3. J.C. Lewis Dental Center

J.C. Lewis Dental Center
107 Fahm Street
Savannah, GA - 31401
32.0806424,-81.1010085 (912) 544-0867
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I do not have any income, what will I have to pay?Co-pays are based on sliding fee scale. You must provide a WG15 from the Georgia Department of Labor to verify your income. Based of the information provided on the WG15 your copay can be as low as $10.Why is there a co-pay fee due each time we are s
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4. Union Mission, Inc.

Union Mission, Inc.
120 Fahm Street
Savannah, GA - 31401
32.0799122, -81.100153 (912)236-7423
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Union Mission provides shelter for men, women, and families, short and long term housing assistance, health and dental care, behavioral counseling, substance abuse programs, lifeskills training, job training; and employment assistance. This clinic also offers HIV/AIDS testing and counseling
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5. Donald E. Gatch Medical Center - Hardeeville Medical Center

Donald E. Gatch Medical Center - Hardeeville Medical Center
17 miles away from Savannah
522 Stiney Road P.O. Box 387
Hardeeville, SC - 29927
32.3023733,-81.0819579 843-784-2181
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 17 miles from Savannah
Monday – Friday 8:30am-5:00pm Services that this facility provides includes: Tooth Extractions, Preventive Tooth & Gum Treatment, Bridges, Root Canals, and Crowns. At this facility there is a sliding fee discount available to their patients.This is a federally-supported Community
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6. Ruth P. Field Medical Center

Ruth P. Field Medical Center
25 miles away from Savannah
Highway 170, 721 Okatie
Ridgeland, SC - 29936
32.3606065,-80.8725619 (843)987-7400
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 25 miles from Savannah
BJHCHS, Inc. provides Dental Services at our centers in Chelsea, Hardeeville, Sheldon and St. Helena. BJHCHS accepts dental insurance coverage. However you are responsible for any charges not covered by insurance and deductibles for Basic and Major dental services. Dental Services: * Preven
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7. Volunteers in Medicine Dental Clinic Hilton Head

Volunteers in Medicine Dental Clinic Hilton Head
26 miles away from Savannah
20 Palmetto Parkway, Suite E
Hilton Head Island, SC - 29926
32.2179210,-80.7074550 (843) 681.6612
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 26 miles from Savannah
DENTAL POLICY    All patients must have their registration up-to-date in order to make a medical or dental appointment. Must be rescreened every year.    All first-time patients should schedule an introductory appointment for dental cleaning, x-rays and a check-up. You
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