Top 6 clinics in or near Arcadia

1. DeSoto County Department of Health

DeSoto County Department of Health
34 South Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, FL - 34266
27.2185240,-81.8733710 (863) 993-4601
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Our Dental Clinic is a fully-functional, state-of-the-art facility that prides itself on providing quality dental services to all children and adults. Dental services available to both children and adults include: Dental Exams Early Childhood Caries Exam Cleanings Fillings
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2. Charlotte County Dental Clinic

Charlotte County Dental Clinic
19 miles away from Arcadia
1100 Loveland Blvd.
Port Charlotte, FL - 33980
27.0128728,-82.0564771 941-624-7285
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 19 miles from Arcadia
The Dental Clinic is open to pediatric patients under 18 years old with Medicaid. Charlotte County has approximately 10,000 children on Medicaid. When Phase II begins at the clinic: he Dental Clinic will expand services to other people in the community that do not meet the criteria to be a Pha
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3. Charlotte County Medical & Dental

Charlotte County Medical & Dental
22 miles away from Arcadia
4120 Tamiami Trail, Suite E
Port Charlotte, FL - 33952
26.9707990,-82.0821290 (866) 355-2348
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 22 miles from Arcadia
Hours of operation:  Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Fees charged:  Sliding Scale Intake procedure:  Please Call for an appointment Eligibility requirements:  Family Health Centers works with those who are uninsured or who have limited coverage, and offer a

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4. Wauchula Medical & Dental Clinic

Wauchula Medical & Dental Clinic
23 miles away from Arcadia
204 East Palmetto St.
Wauchula, FL - 33873
27.5488710,-81.8104170 863-773-2111
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 23 miles from Arcadia
FHC Services Comprehensive health services are delivered by a qualified, credentialed professional team: internists, obstetricians, family practice, pediatricians, dentists, pharmacists and nurse practitioners. A large complement of ancillary staff include: lab, x-ray, nursing, patient care and bus
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5. Redlands Christian Migrant Association

Redlands Christian Migrant Association
23 miles away from Arcadia
320 N 9th Ave
Wauchula, FL - 33873
27.5504952,-81.8159792 (863) 767-0222
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 23 miles from Arcadia
Eligibility: Migrant; Both Male and FemaleFees: Not ApplicableLanguages Spoken: English, SpanishService Hours: 7am-5:30pm, M-F; Nov-JuneDescription: Programs that specialize in the care of the teeth and associated structures in the oral cavity including the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dis
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6. St. Thomas East End Medical Corporation

St. Thomas East End Medical Corporation
26 miles away from Arcadia
Charlotte Amalie, VI - 802
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Nearby Dental Clinic: 26 miles from Arcadia

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