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USC Dental Clinic

545 S San Pedro St
Los Angeles, CA - 90013

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USC Dental Clinic
When dental problems like persistent pain, tooth loss, and gum disease cause non-stop suffering, it is tough for a homeless woman or man to think about anything else . . . much less a suffering child. The University of Southern California School of Dentistry at the Union Rescue Mission opened in 1999. Our six-chair Dental Clinic provides comprehensive care to so many hurting people every month.

Cooperative Effort

In a cooperative effort, Union Rescue Mission has opened the doors of our Dental Clinic not only to all of our guests and program participants, but to neighboring homeless shelters and programs in the downtown Los Angeles area. All services are provided completely without charge. Coordinated by faculty, students, and interns from the USC School of Dentistry, ours is the only dental clinic on Skid Row to offer care to children. Comprehensive Care

Our Dental Clinic comprehensive patient care includes the following:
Tooth extractions
Root canals

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