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Do you need money for dental work? You are not alone! Millions of Americans do not have dental insurance. Are you in any of these situations?:

  • Start a fundraiser if you do not have a dental insurance plan.
  • Start a fundraiser if your health plan does not cover dental care.
  • Start a fundraiser if you are low-income and just don't have the money.
  • Start a fundraiser if you have dental insurance but cannot still cannot pay for dental work.

Ready to start? When you achieve your funding goal, we pay your dentist directly. This is a completely free service to you.

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    We can help. Just complete the request for funds form and start raising funds right away.

If you do not have dental insurance and can’t afford a much needed dental procedure we can help. let’s you raise the money you need to get the work done. Here’s how it works: First you must sign up to be a member. Registration only takes a minute and creates a free account on Once you’ve created the account you can make a request for funds. Be as complete as possible when doing this. You’ll need some information on the dentist who will be performing the procedure. If you do not have a dentist yet leave that blank for now but you’ll need to provide this information eventually since we pay the dentist directly. Once we approve your request it will be immediately published on and people can start giving money. When you reach your goal we will send your dentist a check! Make sure you promote your fund-raising effort through Facebook and other social networks. If you have a blog you can add a widget to it and raise money that way. Important: All donations are done through PayPal so there is a transaction fee associated with each donation and payment.