Top 3 clinics in or near Oakland

1. Western Maryland Health Care Corporation

Western Maryland Health Care Corporation
PO Box 656
Oakland, MD - 21550
39.3758420,-79.4253776 (301)334-8970

2. St. George Medical Clinic

St. George Medical Clinic
22 miles away from Oakland
8591 Holly Meadows Rd
Parsons, WV - 26287
39.1562724,-79.6695265 (304) 478-3339
Nearby Dental Clinic: 22 miles from Oakland

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3. Hawse Health - Petersburg Office

Hawse Health - Petersburg Office
31 miles away from Oakland
111 S. Grove Street
Petersburg, WV - 26847
38.9891960,-79.1226473 (304) 257-2451
Nearby Dental Clinic: 31 miles from Oakland
Services Provided:   Dental Exams  X-Ray  Preventive Cleaning and Maintenance  Non-Surgical Periodontal (Gum) Therapy  Routine Extractions  Cosmetic Bonding  Dentures  Partials  Routine Endodontic Therapy  Crowns  Fixed Bridges  Night
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