Dental implants are an important part of modern dentistry. Much of the restorative work performed by dentists could not be done without dental implants. They are artificial roots used to support false teeth or bridges. Dental implants can be a metal post attached to a false tooth that gradually fuses with the bone to create a permanent replacement. These are known as subperiosteal implants. Or, they might be attachments that are permanently attached to the jawbone itself, otherwise known as endosteal implants.

The reasons for needing these implants vary. Some people lose their teeth naturally as they age, requiring the reconstructive dentistry. Others may lose teeth due to accidents, or illnesses. Still others simply have soft teeth that are easily damaged. The fact is, people of all ages have need for dental implants, and it’s important to know how to find affordable dental implants.

Shop Around
The first and most important step is to be willing to get more than one quote. Dental implants can easily cost hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. Talk to more than one dentist to find out what they are going to charge. Another option is to consult with your insurance company. While they usually do not pay for cosmetic surgery, if you can prove that it’s a necessity then you may be able to get them to cover the fees. For example, replacing a rear molar is not a necessity, but replacing a front tooth often is.

Negotiate the Price
Patients can also try to negotiate lower prices with their dentist. Take care not to insult the dentist or his staff in the process. Many dentists also offer payment plans. This is another question you can ask when you are deciding which dentist you will visit for the work.

Get Referrals
You can also choose a clinic that specializes in dental implants. These clinics that specialize in the procedure can usually offer lower prices to patients. Ask your regular dentist if there is one in particular he or she would recommend. You can also consult with friends and family to see if anyone can point you to a particular facility or dentist. The chances are good that you already know someone who has an implant and don’t even know it.

State Dental Society
It is possible that the state you reside in offers free dental implants to those residents who qualify. You state dental society can provide you with the information. If you qualify, they can also give you the name of a dentist. It is also possible that, even if you don’t qualify for a free implant, you may qualify for a discounted rate.

Local Dental School
Students in dental schools need practice, and if you are willing to be the volunteer, this can be an excellent place to go for free or discounted dental implants. The work is performed by students but it supervised closely by licensed dentists.

Published 11/04/2015

Dental Implants Explained and Costs

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